Temporary Closure on Public Right of Way – From 1st September

Temporary closures to Public Rights of Way are scheduled from 1st September. The closures will happen in two phases.

Closure 1 starting 1st September until 29th September 2022 will include:

Woodbridge Footpath 005: From Woodbridge Footpath 004 to Melton Footpath 017.

Melton Footpath 017: Whole length

Melton Footpath 009: From Melton Footpath 017 for 250 metres north eastbound.


Closure 2 starting 29th September until 6th October 2022:

Woodbridge Footpath 005: From the Sailing Club for 650 metres southbound.


The closure is in the interests of public safety to enable works to be carried out by the Environment Agency to undertake repair works to the damaged revetments.

The diversion routes will be available on site.

Map of footpath closures 1

Map of footpath closures 2