Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has joined the Local Government Association (LGA) in endorsing a statement from the political leadership of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR), which strongly condemns the multiple attacks and violations of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine:

European local and regional governments strongly support their peers in Ukraine

We, local and regional leaders across Europe, strongly condemn the multiple attacks and violations of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. We express our full support and solidarity to the Ukrainian people and our peers in local and regional government. We will not accept that our European values and integrity be attacked again by the Russian Federation after the violation of Georgian territories by Russia in 2008. We are firmly opposed to the dismemberment of a free and democratic state in Europe.

The escalation of violence, repeated bombings and attacks on Ukrainian cities and territories are a serious threat to the preservation of peace and democracy across Europe. We call on the Federation of Russia to cease its attack, to leave the national territory of Ukraine, to respect all international treaties and fundamental principles of international law and to recognise the full sovereignty of Ukraine over all its territories, including Donbas and Crimea.

Firmly convinced of local democracy and city diplomacy, based on the values of peace that unite our municipalities across Europe since 1951, we stand by the Ukrainian municipalities, cities, hromadas, districts, raions and their representative associations. They are in the front line to protect the population and provide basic services to offer them good quality living conditions and daily survival. The destruction of infrastructure by the belligerents jeopardises the efficient and safe maintenance of basic public services provided by Ukrainian local and regional governments to their citizens.

As European local and regional governments, representing 60 national associations across 40 European countries, including Ukraine, we will continue to work to support them in their efforts. Not only are we ready to support our peers in the country with the materials and expertise they may need in the days and weeks to come. Municipalities and regions will probably have to face soon the human consequences of such a tragedy for Europe, probably resulting in a flow of humanitarian refugees. Coordination with our national governments will be essential. 

As the European section of UCLG, let us hope that city diplomacy will soon unite us all again!



You can support the humanitarian appeal in the following ways:

Melton Primary School are collecting donations of basic medical supplies, baby supplies (nappies, wipes, bottles, formula and baby food) and foods with a long shelf life from Monday 14th March to be transported to Ukraine to support families affected by the conflict. All donations should be taken into classes and will be organised for collection at the end of the week.

Farlingaye High School is collecting goods to send to families in need in Ukraine and the surrounding countries. A van will be collecting these goods on Friday morning. We are recommending that students and families who wish to contribute bring the following items to school:


Warm clothing

Canned food.

Contributions can be dropped off at reception by students. If you wish to bring items in personally, please avoid arriving at school during the busy times of 8.40-9.10 and 3.10- 3.40.


If you would like to make a monetary donation to the Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal, you can do so via the Disasters Emergency Committee website: